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Chandler Bats - Official Bat Sponsor of the Cal Ripken Collegiate League



Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League

Jason Woodward, Commissioner


April 6, 2015

The Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League (“CRCBL”) is proud to announce a partnership with Chandler Bats to be the official bat sponsor for the 2015 summer season. Chandler Bats, one of the premier bat companies in the country, is currently providing bats to more than twenty-five percent of the players in Major League Baseball.  Those swinging Chandler Bats include 2014 AL Rookie of the Year Jose Abreu, 2013 Home Run Derby Champion Yoenis Cespedes, and Washington Nationals star outfielder Bryce Harper.

By partnering with Chandler Bats, the CRCBL will provide four (4) distinct models of state of the art wood bats to meet the needs of each player participating in league action this summer. Headquartered in Norristown Pennsylvania, Chandler Bats ensures quality is paramount beginning with selection of the very best maple wood, to the process of perfectly balancing the weight distribution in each bat, to the extensive inspection process the bat goes through before leaving the factory.

Upon reaching an agreement with the CRCBL, Chandler Bat Founder and CEO David Chandler stated that, "It is an honor and privilege to be associated with the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League starting this season. This young, up-and-coming league has quickly grown to be one of the premier collegiate showcases of talent in the country. Much like its namesake, the Cal Ripken League strives to distinguish itself through its integrity, leadership and impact on the game, making it a clear choice for many of the nation’s top collegiate players. Building upon these same principles, Chandler Bats is dedicated to providing the highest quality, longest lasting and greatest performing bats to all levels. The result is every player gaining confidence at the plate, showcasing their talent and furthering their dreams.”

CRCBL President, Brad Rifkin echoed David Chandler’s sentiments, “As we strive to become one of the premiere collegiate baseball leagues in the country, we must affiliate ourselves with the best.  Chandler Bats has proven itself in a market where making a name is unquestionably difficult.  We believe our players will be excited to swing Chandler Bats and we look forward to a longstanding relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties, our players and our fans.”




Chandler Bats Official Wood Bat of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League

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Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League Preparations for 2015

Tuesday, June 2nd is Opening Day for the 2015 Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League season.  With the introduction of a two (2) division format this year, the ten (10) returning teams in the Cal Ripken League will play an unbalanced, forty (40) game regular season schedule.  The Northern Division will consist of the defending League Champion Baltimore Redbirds, Baltimore Dodgers, Gaithersburg Giants, Rockville Express and Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts.  The Southern Division is manned by the defending regular season champion Bethesda Big Train, Alexandria Aces, DC Grays, Herndon Braves and Vienna Riverdogs.  Teams within the division will play each other five (5) times (two (2) games at home, three (3) games on the road against two squads, and three (3) games at home, two (2) games on the road versus the other two division foes).  Out of division, the teams will play four games, two (2) at home and two (2) on the road, to complete the forty (40) game schedule.

The regular season is slated to run through Saturday, July 25th.  Except for Opening Day, subsequent Tuesdays are set aside for makeup games in the event of inclement weather.  In addition, the Cal Ripken League is not slated to play on Thursday, June 25th; July 4th and 5th during the Independence Day weekend; and July 13th and 14th prior to the Cal Ripken League All Star Game on Wednesday July 15th.  The League is once again excited to have the All Star Game hosted at Shirley Povich Field, home of the Bethesda Big Train, for the 5th consecutive year.

The playoffs are scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 26th, with six (6) teams qualifying as in previous years.  However, the division format will change how teams qualify.  The top two (2) finishers in each division will clinch playoff berths with the final two (2) slots filled by the two (2) remaining teams with the best overall records, independent of assigned division.  Based on records, the two (2) division winners will be seeded #1 and #2.  Likewise, the division runner-up’s will be seeded #3 and #4.  The two (2) remaining wildcard teams will then be seeded #5 and #6.  After single elimination games between the #3 and #6 seeds, and the #4 and #5 seeds, the playoffs will continue with best of three semifinal and championship series, culminating no later than Sunday, August 2nd.

Reference the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League website throughout the year to confirm game times, especially in the event of postponements due to inclement weather.  While the majority of the leagues games are played at 7 PM, the Baltimore Redbirds start their home games at 6:30 PM and the Bethesda Big Train wait until 7:30 PM for their first pitch.  Several teams have different start times on Sundays and make-up games, whether as a single games or as part of a doubleheader, may also start at non-standard times.

Hope to see you at the ballpark!

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